Sharp Zaurus SL5xxx/C7x0/C860

Crimson fields on the Zaurus


Crimson fields - a strategy game in the style of Battle Isle (by Bluebyte)

A port of the game from the original Crimson fields website.
Feel free to send any comments about this Zaurus port to me.

Uwe Koch, 24/06/05


  • Sharp Zaurus C7x0, C860 (should work on SL5xxxx and the other C-series,too)
  • Qtopia or compatible should work - tested on Cacko Rom 1.22
  • libSDL_1.2.6cvs-1_arm.ipk for Zaurus SL-5x00
  • libSDL_1.2.6-zports_c7x0-1.ipk for Zaurus SL-Cxx0
  • optional, if you want sound: libSDL-mixer_1.2.6cvs-1_arm.ipk
  • libSDL-ttf_2.0.7-0.ipk
  • libfreetype_6.3.4-1.ipk
  • any libz
  • for comet package: crimson fields package must be installed


  • many levels and missions
  • computer opponent or human vs. human
  • email support
  • ...and more - for more info see the Readme


FAQ / Troubleshooting



Thanks to

  • Jens Granseuer for the wonderful ported game. Look at the original source. There you can find binaries of crimson fields for other platforms as well.
It's free software (GPL).